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On day seven of my thirty day fast I lost consciousness twice and my father in law took me to the hospital where they tanked me up with 4 bags of fluids and tube fed me (while I was out of it)  They kept me there 4 days until I ate consistently 2000 calories  a day.

So tomorrow Sunday, Sept 28, I'll start over.  I am really DESPERATE to hit thirty days at least once.  Water only.
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Wow day five and I'm feeling pretty louzy, broke down and had two diet pepsi's today, was trying to get through the day without pepsi but I was getting a massive caffine headache.  Don't know if I'll make it a full thirty days or not.  On my 30th day I have a doctors appointment, who is talking about tube feedings.

Starting weight:  158
Current weight:   151
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WOW this is day three of my thirty day fast and I must say, lacking energy, but feeling so much better.  I've dropped 5 lbs already don't really feel different on the weight part though.  I've been consuming diet pepsi and sugar free Crystal Light. 
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Today I'm starting a 30 day water only fast, hopefully I can make it. 

My plan is to chew a lot of gum and drink a lot of liquids to keep hunger pains away.  Wondering if this will work, and wondering how long somebody can go on a liquid fast.

I'll keep updating
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Hello, just returning from inpatient bulimia treatment and am still in hopes of loosing some weight. 


CW:  158
GW1:  145
GW2:  125
UGW:  95

So you see I still have some work to do while trying to keep binging and purging under control.

Always open to suggestions!

Current Mood: content content

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